Thinking about adding an email marketing campaign to your overall marketing strategy? For many people, this feels like just one more thing to add onto their already lengthy list of tasks. Whether you are just in charge of marketing for your company or the entire business, it can be stressful to think about adding on another kind of marketing, which is bound to take up more of your time.


This can leave you wondering whether or not email marketing is worth it. In fact, email marketing campaigns can actually make your life easier. Automation software makes it easy to stay on top of the sending schedule and more returns means more money to invest in marketing. Here are ten ways email marketing makes your life easier.


  1. Can be scheduled. One of the biggest benefits of email marketing is that it consumes far less of your day than most other marketing tactics. While social media updates can be scheduled, responses to questions cannot. Email marketing allows you to set up a fully automated, fully responsive system that connects with your customers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, all of which can be scheduled far, far in advance.


  1. Can be easily tracked. Tracking and analyzing data from your marketing tactics may feel tedious. Luckily, tracking and analyzing the data from email campaigns is simple and easy. Your automation software will often collection information about how many people opened, deleted, junked, or acted on your email—simple, quick, and you don’t have to do any data gathering yourself.


  1. Easy to target to specific customers and clients. One of the biggest problems with other marketing tactics is that finding the right platform and reaching out to the right people is expensive and time consuming. This is not true for email marketing, as your customers or client sign up for your newsletter or promotional emails, making it easy to know who they are and what they want to see.


  1. Makes it easier to engage with customers or clients. Email is one of the best ways to engage with customers and clients, especially because in the smartphone and tablet age, it is accessible from just about anywhere. The engagement is easy because the message arrives right in their inbox.


  1. Less strain on your marketing budget. There are no two ways around it—email marketing is cheap. It is definitely the least expensive marketing tactic, and because it supports and improves the efficacy of all your other tactics, that means more money overall.


  1. Email marketing is more successful than any other kind of marketing. Why is email marketing so much more successful than, say, banner ads? Because banner ads are both easy to ignore and annoying. Email marketing, on the other hand, is something that your customers or clients actually ask for and arrives in their inbox (where it belongs), instead of being plastered across the edge of a webpage they are trying to read.


  1. Easy to find relevant topics or promotions. Because individuals sign up for the list themselves, it’s easy to know what they want to see in their inbox. If you own a blog and they subscribe to your newsletter, it is likely because they like the information on your blog and would be thrilled to get that same information delivered straight into their inbox, instead of having to go out and find it for themselves.


  1. Simple to customize. Unlike other marketing campaigns that are either very difficult to customize or have to conform to a very strict set of guidelines, email marketing is both simple to customize and incredible easy to change per your needs. This means less time trying to figure out how to make changes (or even just what changes to make), and more time working on other aspects of your business.


  1. Clear incentive. Here is where email marketing really makes your life easier. You don’t have to convince anyone to sign up for your list, or spend time trying to figure out how to ruthlessly promote yourself through email. Those who sign up already know the incentive of signing up. They will get promotional emails that will help them save money, or information that will improve their lives or businesses, etc.


  1. Easy to integrate into overall campaign. Unlike starting a brand new Twitter account, your email marketing tactic is easy to integrate into your other campaigns. You don’t have to find a special angle or message, because what the subscribers are interested in, you’ve already been providing (it’s what caused them to sign up in the first place).